In today’s lab you will build a PDF version of this lab post using LaTeX.

Problem 0: Clean up after yourself

You know the drill.

Except this time, we’ve given you a couple of simple .gitignores. Just make sure to keep your repositories clean!

You will lose points…

  1. If you don’t have a .gitignore.
  2. If you commit compiled files, editor droppings, PDFs, or other junk.

Problem 1: Make this PDF

Use LaTeX to re-create this PDF. Your .tex file should be named assignment.tex.

You’ll need to download and commit this image to your repository: complex.png

Your version of the PDF needs to have:

  • Your name as the author; not mine.
  • Today’s date.



Your lab will be graded today! When you’re done working on your PDF, just show it to your instructor or one of your lab helpers. If it needs work, we’ll let you know1.If it’s close enough to the original, you’ll be good to go.

If you cannot stay for lab, you must talk with your instructor. We want to get this lab mostly graded in class. Unless otherwise discussed, it is due at the end of class.

You will be graded on:

  • The layout of your project. You will lose points if…
    • …files are not named as specified.
    • …files or directories are not present in the expected locations documented at the bottom of this write-up.
  • The presence of a useful .gitignore and absence of junk files.
  • Your LaTeX
    • It’s gotta compile!
      • We should be able to simply clone and run pdflatex to build your PDF.
    • The resulting PDF needs to be close to the target above.


As always, your git repo on is your submission. Don’t forget to commit and push all relevant files. Make sure you see everything you expect on GitLab!

We expect to see the following files on your master branch:

  • .gitignore
  • assignment.tex
  • complex.png
  • examples/
    • There are a bunch of examples in this directory.
    • Just don’t commit any generated files in here.
  1. At no penalty. We’ll just let you know what you need to fix.